About exam


What’s the reason?

1. It is not recognized by the state that it has obtained the diploma of private college for various reasons.

2. However, I also got some knowledge education from universities, which is also convenient for self-study in the future.

3. I didn’t persist in the self-test due to my work and other factors.

According to the above three reasons, the shortcut to obtain the graduation certificate at this stage is the adult college entrance examination.

The following is the introduction of adult college entrance examination which I summarized according to my experience.

First of all, the subjects of adult college entrance examination are three subjects, mathematics, Chinese and English.

First of all, I’ll talk about mathematics. Most of mathematics is only the elective contents of junior high school, senior high school and senior high school. However, it is very simple to write a question. Basically, as long as the formula is memorized and more questions are done, it can be passed.

Most of the math test questions can be formulated. The simple way is to buy a high-tech book and do all the above questions once. No problem getting high marks

Besides next language, my language is not very good, this subject mainly depends on accumulation and answer skill.

It’s not easy for my science students to get high marks.

Finally, let’s talk about English. English, like Chinese, also needs to be accumulated. This can only be accumulated by ourselves. If it’s not difficult, it won’t be. I’m a little inferior in this subject. I can only rely on Providence.

OK, the above introduction.

How many points can be admitted?

I also according to Baidu query about three sections add up to 150 can pass. There is hope for those who have a foundation or a serious bias.

I finished the exam yesterday, looking forward to a better result!

October 28, 2019