To Lease(租赁) or Not to Lease

Planning to lease a car because you don’t think you can afford to buy? Think again. Leasing can end up being just as expensive as buying.

Most people think about leasing because they believe it will cost them less money. They’re right-it is cheaper, but only in the short term. For example, if you were to lease anew Subaru Forester, you might pay $300 per month for the car. If you were to buy the same car, you would pay about $400 per month. Over a three-year, you would save $3600-a big savings. But after your lease is over, you have to give the car back.

Many people want to lease because they can drive a more expensive car than they might otherwise be able to afford. For example, if you spend $300 monthly on a car, you might be able to lease a new Ford Explorer. For the same price, you might have to buy a used Explorer, or buy a new but much less expensive model. A lease, therefore, allows you to drive the latest models of more expensive cars. However, whatever car you can afford to buy you get to keep it, and it will always have a resell or trade-in(以新旧换)value if you want to upgrade to a new car later.

Furthermore, people who lease cars are often shocked by how much they must pay when the lease is over . Most leases limit you to a certain number of miles. If you go over that, you must pay for each mile. As a result, you may end up paying thousands of dollars in mileage(里程) fees. In addition, when you lease ,you have to pay for regular maintenance and repairs to the vehicle. Since you must return the car finally, you are paying to repair someone else’s car.

By now, the benefits of buying over leasing should be clear. Remember: whatever model you can afford to buy, it is yours after you make the payments. There’s no giving back, and that makes all the difference.

Secrets for a Happier You

Some people are naturally blessed with a cheerful character. They spread warmth and sunshine wherever they go. They attract people like bees to honey. So what is it that makes these people so different from others?

①The most important secret to happiness is to be grateful for the good things in your life-whatever may be your financial position. Instead of appreciating material wealth, be thankful for the loved ones in your life and enjoy the little pleasures of life that come your way.
① 幸福最重要的秘诀是对生活中的好事心存感激,不管你的经济状况如何。与其欣赏物质财富,不如感恩生活中的亲人,享受生活中的小乐趣。

E. Be thankful for what you have E、 感谢你所拥有的

②The next important secret is to develop relationships. Increasing social contacts helps boost brain power. Therefore, work towards improving your relationships and take time off to get in touch with friends. This will lift some burden off your shoulders, especially when you share your thoughts and feelings. Socializing can give you an added boost to your moods.
② 下一个重要的秘密是发展关系。增加社交联系有助于增强脑力。因此,努力改善你的人际关系,并抽出时间与朋友联系。这会减轻你肩上的负担,特别是当你分享你的想法和感受时。社交活动可以给你的情绪带来额外的刺激。

D. Better your social relationships
D、 改善你的社交关系

③Thirdly, do not hold a grudge(怨恨)against anyone. Instead, learn to be kind, generous, and forgiving towards others, even to the person who hurt you. Be sympathetic and understanding, and try not to criticize others. Focus on the positives of a person instead of the negatives, for none of us is born perfect. It will keep your heart and mind free and peaceful.
③ 第三,不要对任何人怀恨在心。相反,要学会对他人,甚至对伤害你的人,友善,慷慨,宽容。要有同情心和理解力,不要批评别人。关注一个人的积极一面而不是消极一面,因为我们都不是天生完美的。它会让你的心和思想自由和平。

F. Learn to understand and forgive
F、 学会理解和原谅

④ Besides, involve yourself in some creative process, ” be it dancing, writing or drawing. This can bring out the hidden talent in you to achieve magical happiness. Or pick up new skills and feel the great sense of satisfaction by carrying out certain tasks which you otherwise would never have felt.
④ 此外,让自己参与一些创造性的过程,“无论是跳舞、写作还是绘画。这可以把你隐藏的天赋发挥出来,实现神奇的幸福。或者学习新的技能,并通过执行某些任务来感受到巨大的满足感,否则你将永远感觉不到。

C. Do something creative C、 做些有创意的事

⑤Finally, follow a daily regular sleep-wake cycle to keep you energetic and happy. Exercise regularly or practice relaxation techniques like deep breathing and yoga(瑜伽). Ensure you get eight to nine hours of sleep every day and have a well-balanced diet.
⑤ 最后,遵循每天规律的睡眠-觉醒周期,让你保持精力充沛和快乐。定期锻炼或练习深呼吸和瑜伽等放松技巧。确保你每天有八到九个小时的睡眠,饮食均衡。

B. Have a healthy lifestyle
B、 有健康的生活方式

21. A cheerful character makes you

22. Enjoy the pleasures of life

23. Socializing can make you

24. Try to forgive

25. Creative activities enable you






21. A cheerful character makes you different from others

22. Enjoy the pleasures of life even if you are poor

23. Socializing can make you more intelligent

24. Try to forgive even when you are hurt

25. Creative activities enable you to develop you’ potential
A. more intelligent

B. even if you are poor

C. different from others

D. even when you are hurt

E. to develop you’ potential

F. to gain more material wealth








A、 更聪明

B、 即使你很穷

C、 与众不同

D、 即使你受伤了

E、 开发你的潜能

F、 获得更多的物质财富




Mental Illness Hits Small Business Owners Hard

While there is a growing focus on mental health in the workplace, there are fewer resources and support available to those running small businesses.

There are many reasons people choose to have their own business being their own boss, working on something they love, being able to set their own hours, or having some control over whom they work with. Yet the reality many small business owners face is far less attractive-financial stress, long working hours and unclear boundaries between work and family life. And all of these factors can have a huge impact on their mental health.

Leanne Fawkner is a business owner of an award-winning skin-care range(系列产品)She knows very well the impact that a small business can have on, the mental health of its owner. When her successful business struggled due to the global financial crisis, she suffered a lot mentally. “As business slowed, I was more and more affected, “she says. “I couldn’t separate myself from my business. It was the worst experience of my life. I could no longer go to work and was crying all day ?”
Leanne Fawkner是一家屡获殊荣的护肤品系列(skin care range)的企业主,她非常清楚一家小企业可能对其所有者的心理健康产生的影响。当她成功的事业因全球金融危机而举步维艰时,她在精神上遭受了很多痛苦。”随着生意的放缓,我受到越来越多的影响,”她说我不能把自己和我的生意分开。这是我一生中最糟糕的经历。我不能再去上班了,哭了一整天?”

Fawkner was diagnosed with depression. She had to take several months off work. Fortunately, her husband was able to keep things going while Fawkner was recovering. She saw a counselor (咨询师)for help and took part in a workplace mental health promotion program. This program was designed for small to medium business owners.

“The stories on the DVD in the program were so helpful. I was crying because I didn’t feel so alone. ” For Fawkner, small business owners are overlooked. While employees in larger organizations often have access to employee assistance programs, small business owners are struggling on their own.

Learning From Mistakes

Lots of people dare not make mistakes . They fear they will be laughed at or blamed by others. They fear they will lose their money and belongings or be under heavy stress. But risks are impossible to avoid and they do pave the way towards success. Have you ever heard of anyone who achieves success without making any mistakes?

So it is only natural that making mistakes should be considered a must. You shouldn’t worry about that as you probably get lots of advantages out of your mistakes. By making mistakes, you can at least distinguish between the correct and the incorrect parts of what you did. Robert Stevenson once. Said:“Our business in life is not to be  successful, but to continue to fail in good spirits”


You needn’t worry about anything as long as you keep on going by wisely learning from your mistakes and trying even harder.


Cultural Differences in England and France

Cultural differences can take many forms. I have noticed many differences in French culture compared to English culture, from the way people dress, to their attitudes towards food, to what they do for fun. One thing that has struck me in particular in France is personal interactions with each other. This makes me more comfortable with them too.

Firstly, it’s the kissing. Everyone kisses each other on the cheek. It’s a greeting, instead of saying “hi” or “hello ” Often the kiss is a substitute for words. Everyone participates in the kissing ritual, the young, the old, male, female, strangers and friends. I kiss my friends. I kiss the teachers at the school. And even if I’m in a hurry, I am still expected to make time to give acquaintances a quick kiss on the cheek as I rush past. I don’t mind it. In fact, I quite like it. It quickly turns strangers into acquaintances, and acquaintances into friends.


Another thing that I’ve noticed is that people France are much more open with people they don’t know. In England, you talk to a stranger only if completely necessary. In France, however, on long train journeys people have often started a conversation with me for no reason. They have a chat simply to pass the time. And I really enjoy being able to share a part of my life and my story with someone else.

Whatever impressions you may have about French people, I have found that they are, for the most part, open and at ease talking to strangers They differ a lot from those in the UK.



Success for 99 Cents

How do you sell things in a time when the economy is down and people just don’t want to buy ? Try the 99 cent approach.

Steve Jobs, former boss of Apple Computers, tried it and finally saved the music industry. He set a standard price of 99 cents for each song that he wanted to sell on iTunes and built a successful music download company.
苹果电脑(Apple Computers)前老板史蒂夫•乔布斯(Steve Jobs)曾尝试过,最终拯救了音乐产业。他为自己想在iTunes上销售的每首歌设定了99美分的标准价格,并建立了一家成功的音乐下载公司。

In the 1960s, Dave Gold owned a store that sold alcoholic drinks in southern California. He sold wine in three several categories: $0.79,$0.99 and $1.49. when he saw that the 99 cent wine did best, he started selling the other two at the same price and sales went up. In 1982, he started sell 99 cent stores across the US. Today the company is lower almost 500 million dollars and has 280 shops.

Why does a 99 cent price tag(标签)make so much success? Researchers have found out that the price ending with .99 shows a usually price for consumers. It looks less and consumers 40 feel that they can get something back.

某英文报社正在举办题为“ Green Transportation”的征文活动,请你根据下述写作要点提交一篇英文短文应征。




Recently the topic of green travel has been widely debated which has aroused public attention and has been more and more popular with people.
To some extent, it has become a fashion. Undoubtedly, green travel has a pround impact on both enviroment and social, for its significance cannot be denied.

Green travel, especially public transport, makes a positive contribution to the environment and society.
On one hand, public transport has the potential to reduce transport CO 2 emissions,
which is a major contributor to local air pollution and smog.
In this sense, green travel makes the environment clean and gives people a healthy living environment.
On the other hand, public transport plays an important role in reducing the social costs of transport include traffic jam and time taken away from the family while commuting and vulnerability to fuel price increases.

We have only one world we can live in.我们只能生活在一个世界里
I hope through green travel can we protect the enviroment and save resources.
In my opinion, no matter where we go, we are supposed to choose green travel.
If you are near to the place which you go to, you can go there on foot or by bicycle.
In this way can we protect our environmen and keep fit.
If you are far away from it, you can choose going there by bus or by taxi with your friends.


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